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Wood Destroying Pest Inspections in Glenville

Catering to the wooden damage of your new property can drain you financially just after a few months of your move-in. Insects like termites and rodents like rats enjoy ruining the wooden structures and building their haven in it. However, such happenings can lead you on the road to remodeling which translates to monetary and emotional loss.

However, if you invest in our pest inspections in Glenville at Gauntlet Home Inspections, your chances of saving a significant deal on repairs are diminished considerably. We use the best tools in the business to conduct thorough inspections without damaging the property any further.

Our pest home inspectors in Glenville are qualified and experienced specialists who have faced several such cases and acquired skills that can make a difference for you. We are highly committed to delivering excellence as client satisfaction tops everything else at Gauntlet Home Inspections.

Benefits of our wood-destroying pest inspections include:

  • WDO/termite inspection by a certified professional
  • Careful examination of any wood damage
  • Cause of damage other than termites, such as fungus or beetles
  • A thorough examination of all spaces, including challenging areas
  • Results of examination or signs of wood damage explained and discussed after the inspection is complete


We are committed to providing our clients with the best wood-destroying pests inspections all over Glenville, and our actions deliver our motive quite clearly. We inspect the flooring, walls, kitchen and washroom cabinets, and other common places to look for pests presence.

We also look for mice or other rodent litter to identify the dangers we are facing and come up with bespoke solutions to get rid of the rodent issues with ease. An analysis is run for past treatments and future infestations as well to clear the bigger picture for our clients.

Facing a wood-destroying termite and pest problem can be recurring if proper measures aren’t taken. That’s why we at Gauntlet Home Inspections not only provide you with details of the infestations but suggest remarkable tips to save bucks in the future as well. Well, we weren’t kidding when we said that client satisfaction tops everything else for us.

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