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Warranty Inspections Services Albany

If you are purchasing a newly constructed home, then you might get a one-year warranty on the building materials and constructions. Well, if you do, then making the most of it should be one of your priorities as a new homeowner.

To make sure that your builder didn’t resort to shortcuts to get the work completed on time while compromising on quality, hire Gauntlet Home Inspections to conduct warranty inspections. We use non-invasive techniques and high-end tools to get deep into the structure and other aspects of your building, providing you with the answers that you seek.

Warranty home inspections in Albany have increased in the past few years, and it’s because the buyers are becoming aware of their purchase and the related consequences. Make sure that you get the home inspected before the warranty expires so you aren’t facing huge debts within the first year of your move in.

Get Home Inspection Services with Warranty Cover

Warranty cover can save you from spending a fortune on your home’s repairs when they shouldn’t have even occurred in the first place. If you don’t want any unpleasant surprises coming your way within the first year of the purchase itself, hire us at Gauntlet Home Inspections for detailed inspections.

Our reliable and reputed warranty home inspectors in Albany will provide you with a full description of their observations in the property inspection report. Such a document will work as proof of your home’s condition, compelling the builder to get all the repairs done without you having to spend a dime.

The inspector will check whether everything in the house is functioning well or not. He will also check the roof, chimneys, walls, gutters, and more to determine the structural integrity as well. To save yourself a big deal of money in the name of future repairs, spend some at warranty home inspections by Gauntlet Home Inspections today!

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