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Professional Quality Radon Testing in Glenville

Overlooking radon testing will eventually make your family suffer most painfully. Radon is the second biggest reason for lung cancer throughout America, and so saving your family from such a threat is of utmost importance. At Gauntlet Home Inspections, we offer a comprehensive radon testing service where we check every possible inlet to be sure.

With the use of state-of-the-art equipment, we can check the radon levels and report accurate results to help you make the right decision. Radon can enter the property through surrounding soil and cracks in the wall, and since it can’t be tasted or smelled, it makes radon an even bigger hazard.

Prolonged exposure to radon can impact your family’s health, thus making a property entirely unliveable. However, our home inspectors in Glenville strive to save you from the same.


When it comes to radon testing, you need a specialist who boasts of extensive industry knowledge and a wealth of experience. Luckily, we at Gauntlet Home Inspections make the perfect match for you. Our team has decades of experience, which when clubbed with high-end equipment, spares no room for dissatisfaction or inaccuracy.

Even though radon testing might seem like an expensive affair to many, thinking of it as an essential investment is the better way to look at it. We check the entire property to find inlets that are allowing radon to seep in the building. Then we send the sample to the best labs in Glenville for analysis, which returns within 7 days.

At Gauntlet Home Inspections, no one understands the relevance and cruciality of this inspection service as we do. That being said, waste no more time and book your radon testing with the best in the business today!

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