Residential Inspections

This is the primary service for the real estate transaction. The inspection is focused on Safety, Operation, and condition of the property and its primary systems to help you make an informed investment decision.

Our inspection services include the following but are not limited to:

  • Structure
  • Ventilation & insulation
  • Roof foundation
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Heat & cooling systems
  • Drainage
  • And much more
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Radon testing

This service is provided to detect if any and how much dangerous Radon gas that your family could be exposed to. The test uses 2 labs prepped charcoal canisters which lay exposed for a minimum of 48 hours and then shipped back to the lab for analysis. This process usually has a 5 to 7-day turnaround.

Our inspectors specialize in:

  • Residential and commercial radon testing
  • Written certified reports
  • Detecting radon levels
  • Radon reduction systems and techniques
  • Finding concentrated areas of radon
  • And much more
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Well flow testing

Does your well provide enough water to do all the day to day tasks you require? Let’s find out by testing the flow and recovery of the system. Our experienced well-flow system inspectors will check the following:

  • Static water level
  • Flow rate
  • The amperage of the pump system
  • Pressure tank conditions and fittings
  • Leakages in water pipes
  • And much more
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Water quality testing

This test is provided to find out what impurities may be in your drinking water. Samples are placed in lab prepared bottles and then delivered to the lab for analysis. This test usually has a 2-3 day turn around.

Our water quality testing checks for:

  • Bacteria
  • Radon
  • Physical factors
  • Inorganic chemicals
  • Materials
  • And more
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Wood destroying pests

This service is provided to identify and or locate potential areas of damage caused by wood-destroying insects. Benefits of this service include:

  • WDO/termite inspection by a certified professional
  • Careful examination of any wood damage
  • Cause of damage other than termites, such as fungus or beetles
  • A thorough examination of all spaces, including challenging areas
  • Results of examination or signs of wood damage explained and discussed after the inspection is complete
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Pre-Listing Inspection

Are you looking to sell your home? Why wait for the buyer’s inspector to come through and report out all of the defects that may affect the value of your home. This can cause delays in the sale and the need for renegotiation of prices. Let us run your home through the Gauntlet. You will receive a full report listing any defects and potential issues with the home prior to the sale so you are not blindsided with bad news. Hurry up and book today, be in the know for the Big Show!

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Warranty Inspections

Is your new home covered by a warranty?

Most new homes come with a standard one year warranty against building materials and workmanship. Unfortunately, problems often occur after the warranty has expired. Such issues can be a real nightmare.

Don’t let a contractor’s mistakes or negligence make your life miserable: protect yourself and your investment! Have our experienced Home Inspectors in Glenville to help give that peace of mind that goes along with a new home purchase. You will receive a detailed report listing all visual and apparent issues that can be given to your builder for correction before your warranty expires.

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Gauntlet Home Inspections provides professional home inspection in Glenville, NY. With the best inspection rates and commitment to client satisfaction, we have become one of the most sought-after house inspection companies in the region.

Get in touch with us today to book an appointment.

Home Inspections in Glenville
and the Surrounding Communities

Purchasing a property without getting reliable insights about its structural condition is a gamble. There is so much that you can’t judge or understand until the professionals in the field conduct an in-depth examination.

This is where Gauntlet Home Inspections come into play. Serving as the leading and most trusted choice for home inspections in Glenville. Gauntlet Home Inspections understands how crucial this process is for the buyers. We have been working in Glenville for over two decades, and so we mean it when we say that we are familiar with the needs of the local homebuyers.

Best Home Inspector in Glenville, NY

We conduct all home inspections in Glenville with the undeterred motive of finding numerous faults that can prevent you from making a terrible decision. Our home inspectors in Glenville, NY offer a range of extensive inspection services and spare no effort in recording the condition of the building accurately in our professional inspection reports.

From mold and radon scares to cracked walls and leaking roofs, the climate conditions of Glenville, NY significantly impact the structure and other elements of a building. Bearing this in mind, our renowned home inspectors investigate every aspect of the property with your requirements as our guidelines.

What WE
Can Offer

  • Structure
  • Ventilation & Insulation
  • Roof
  • Foundation
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Heat & Cooling Systems
  • Drainage


  • Home Inspections For Buyers
  • Condominium Inspections
  • Home Inspections For Sellers
  • Basement Inspections
  • Commercial Inspections
  • Moisture Meter Readings
  • New Construction Inspections
  • Tarion Warranty Inspections
  • And much more




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